Essential Camping Gadgets For Survival

Essential Camping Gadgets For Survival

Camping can be a fun way to get away from it all or spend time with friends and family. There is a big difference in an overnight trip and a hiking and camping trip that lasts for days or weeks. Regardless of the type of trip, you are taking soonest; there are a lot of exciting gadgets that can help you stay safe and have fun.

Tactical LED Flashlight

When camping, you need always to be able to see what is around you. Good observation can prevent a lot of accidents and injuries that can put a quick end to your trip. Not all flashlights are the same, though. Luckily for the intrepid traveler, there is the tactical LED flashlight. When it comes to getting the most light for the longest amount of time per battery pack and bulb, you cannot do better than LED technology. The price of LED lightning has fallen due to the immense popularity.

Not only are LED lights brighter, but they are also lighter and smaller than their traditional incandescent counterparts. Rechargeable batteries will also reduce the cost of using LED flashlights to almost nothing. Tactical lights are waterproof so you can be reassured when using under adverse weather conditions.

Water Filter

Clean drinking water is the number one survival essential. Believe it or not, you can go for many days without food, but if you try to do without water, you will find yourself in trouble. Drinking water from streams and rivers is risky. Contaminated water can cause illness that can make the difference in a survival situation. If you are serious about camping, you should invest in the highest quality filter you can afford.

The Katadyn Swiss Filter is the top of its class when it comes to how many gallons you can expect to get out of a single filter and the superb filtration you get. The price tag is steep but when you consider that you can filter at least 10,000 gallons with a cartridge and how fast the flow rate is, it is clear that the cost is well worth it. You can extend the life of a cartridge by cleaning the ceramic regularly. If you do eventually need to replace the filter, you can do so at a fraction of the cost of a new filter.

First Aid Kit

This is a broad category. The type of first aid kit you have needs to be planned according to the type of camping or hiking you are doing. If you are just planning on a day hike and overnight stay then a more basic and small kit would be fine. Longer trips where you will be away from any facilities justifies a more major kit. If you are traveling in a group, then you may choose to have one person pack a major medical kit, and all individuals have very small ones, such as those that fit in a canister roughly the size of a fish tin.

Eton Scorpion

Eton makes some fantastic hand cranked radios that can alert you to approaching weather or let you just enjoy some music while out on the trail. At $50 this is an affordable gadget that is great for even kids that can be a bit rough on gear.

The Eton can also charge your devices using the hand crank so you don't have to run out of power while out on the trail. A small solar panel can be added for additional charging needs or if you just don't want to crank it.


The GPS on your phone might be ok for getting around cities and the suburbs, but it will likely fall short when it comes to excursions into the backcountry. A good GPS can make navigation a breeze and encourage you to safely explore your world more. There are a lot of good models out there in an affordable price range. For a reliable model you might try the Garmin Oregon 600.

Waterproof And Shockproof Camera

A good excursion means you are going to be making a lot of memories. You need a camera that is capable of capturing any moment you wish to preserve. No matter if you plan on being in the water or are just going out for a few days when weather appears fair, you want to make sure that your camera is waterproof can withstand some bumps and falls along the way.

Investing in a quality outdoor camera is well worth the expense. Don't settle for an off brand when it comes to this. The Olympus TG-870 Tough Waterproof Digital Camera gets excellent consumer reviews and is under $300. The shock resistant body and waterproof design will get you through even the worst rains.