'Threes' artist and friends reveal 'TumbleSeed'

In which we take a colorful, procedurally generated trip up a possessed mountain.

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Andrew Dalton
September 1st, 2016
'Threes' artist and friends reveal 'TumbleSeed'

From the folks who brought you the deceptively simple indie hits Threes and Ridiculous Fishing comes TumbleSeed -- another colorful game with a quirky premise, rolling onto PS4, Steam, macOS and Windows early next year. As developer Benedict Fritz describes the game, TumbleSeed is "a rolly roguelike" with a simple idea: to roll a seed to the top of a procedurally generated mountain.

Of course, the titular TumbleSeed character has "big plans" and its journey to the top of its mountain home is fraught with creatures possessed by a mysterious power. As the TumbleSeed, it's your job to clean up the mountain by outwitting all of the obstacles in your path using a range of arboreal powerups. "We've been playing TumbleSeed for two years now," Fritz wrote, "and the game still surprises us every day with the situations it throws at us."

Although there's no official release date set yet, you can keep up with TumbleSeed on the official site.

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