Virgin Media has a broadband plan just for gamers

'VIVID 200 Gamer' promises upload speeds of 20Mbps.

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When most people shop for a new broadband package, they're focused on download speeds. What can I expect when everyone in my home is trying to stream Netflix? Or downloading a game like Inside to their PlayStation 4? But, now more than ever before, customers are interested in upload speeds too. It can affect your performance in a game like Overwatch, as well as Twitch-style streaming and video uploads to sites like YouTube. Virgin Media is catering for this group with "VIVID 200 Gamer," an optional upgrade for its VIVID 200 tariff. If you're willing to spend an extra £5 per month, you'll have your upload speeds increased from 12 to 20Mbps.

While Virgin Media is targeting "gamers" (some cringeworthy advertising is no doubt in the pipeline), the plan could appeal to anyone that deals with large files and demanding services. Professional filmers who regularly upload footage, for instance. Or wedding photographers that need to quickly upload large image libraries. Of course, video games are a popular past-time, so it's easy for Virgin Media to market the new tariff this way. Anyone that's played a fast-paced shooter in the last few years, like Titanfall or Battlefield 4, will understand the frustration when it's your internet connection, rather than your thumbs, that result in a loss.

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