Xerox shows off a machine that can print on any 3D object

It will, however, set you back $145,000.

Xerox's new printer works on almost any object -- even if it doesn't have a flat surface. Instead of being able to print on paper, it can print on helmets, bottle caps, water bottles, and anything else made of plastic, metals, ceramics and glass. You just stick whatever you want to mark in there and let the machine do its job. Since the printer sprays ink using nozzles half the width of human hair at around a quarter inch away, it doesn't matter if the object is smooth, rough, curved or flat.

The machine can handle up to 30 objects at once and can print out images between 300 and 1,200 dpi in resolution. Obviously, it was made with retailers or manufacturers in mind. But if you think having a magic printer that can personalize almost everything you own sounds cool, and you have $145,000 lying around, you can always contact Xerox to make you one.

The company demoed its Direct to Object Inkjet Printer at the drupa print media fair, and you can watch it in action below: