Brave browser lets you tip your favorite sites in bitcoin

Toss a few bitcoin to websites you frequent to anonymously praise them for great content.

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Brittany Vincent
September 2, 2016 8:51 PM
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Brave browser lets you tip your favorite sites in bitcoin
Brave, the browser meant to block ads and trackers by design, has launched what might be a fairly controversial service: the ability to tip websites via bitcoin.

Now, after attaching your bitcoin wallet to the Brave browser, you can either tip sites manually or do so via automated installments meant to be sent regularly. They're totally anonymous, according to Brave, and the company states that neither it or anyone else will be able to connect page views with these small tips. Publishers will need to authenticate their identities before claiming their "tips."

Certain publishers haven't been so keen on Brave's initiative to keep the browser free of ads, so this is likely Brave's way of trying to curry favor with those that feel as though they were burned by its mission statement.

Brave users previously had the option of paying for an ad-free experience (blocking Brave's smaller ads) if they desired by pulling funds from donations or their bitcoin wallet. This is an interesting step forward for the browser that seems to be an attempt to smooth things over on both the publisher- and customer-facing fronts.

If you're interesting in trying out Brave, you can get it here.

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