Three reasons using a VPN will benefit you!

The internet is a wonderful place with many paths, routes, and protocols transporting your sensitive data across thousands of miles across the globe. Becoming more common, is the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) software and apps like "Hide My IP VPN". Simply put, a VPN is a group of computers networked together over a public network. Many companies are adapting VPNs as a way to provide off-site (telework) access to their employees while keeping data secure.

Three reasons VPNs can be used:

1) Obfuscation and protection of your personal data when using public wifi!
Many people think when you are using free wifi at local coffee shops, Airports, or in their Hotel rooms, they are sending/receiving data safely. This is far from the truth! Public wifi offers NO encryption security to its users. Signals are broadcasted openly and anyone in range can eavesdrop if they are network savvy. Hacking on a network which you have access to all devices is a junior hackers dream. You can avoid this entirely if you use a VPN. First, you log into the public wifi then you connect to your VPN server, which turns your hotspot web traffic to encrypted and tunneled keeping prying eyes off of it. If you frequently travel and use public wifi, then a VPN is a very wise investment in privacy. For iPhone specific instructions go to "Hide My VPN on iPhone".

2) Watch your favorite shows no matter what country you live in!
VPNs can help you mask or use a proxy to make your connection seem like it's coming from another country's IP address. If you did not do this, your host country would of prevented you to watch because of the local laws and copyright regulations in place there. Perfect example of this would be trying to watch a YouTube music video that had copyrights in Europe and USA traffic (IPs) cannot view video. A VPN could make your traffic seem likes its coming from England, which would allow you to watch the video. Now you can Enjoy!

3) Bypass the Country's Web censorship and content surveillance!
There has been nations that will choose to limit/filter their internet traffic to their entire county. Countries like Algeria, Egypt, Afghanistan, China, are some examples of nations who limit/filter internet web surfing. A way to get around these restrictions and firewalls placed would be connecting to a VPN server. One of the popular VPN expects I found was a company called "Hide My IP". They have VPN service on Android, Mac, and PCs which will enable you to tunnel out and use the web. Since you will be using a proxy, internet speeds will be slower, but a small price to regain your web freedom!

These are only a few examples of how VPNs can help you in your day-to-day surfing, but there are many more. Happy surfing!