ICYMI: Roller coasters will be recommended by urologists

Avoid surgery for kidney stones and ride the wave instead.

Today on In Case You Missed It: Researchers at Michigan State created a lifelike 3D model of a patient's kidney, with stones inside, and took it on a roller coaster after the man said the crystals cleared after riding Big Thunder Mountain. Turns out, the model backed it up and now, doctors will probably start recommending folks with smaller kidney stones ride roller coasters as treatment. The inner child of every adult just did a happy dance.

NASA believes the Hubble Space Telescope spotted erupting water plumes on Jupiter's moon, Europa, which would be amazing if it turns out to be true. And the company formally known as Snapchat may have unveiled its new sunglasses with video camera inside on Friday night, but we're still not over how similar the design is to old standby Persol.

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