Body scanners are coming to your gym

mPort can tell if you're in shape by creating a 3D image of your physique.

Sure, you may feel like you're in better shape after a trip to the gym, but how do you quantify it besides stepping on a scale or breaking out calipers? Australian outfit mPort thinks it can do better. It's rolling out 3D body scanners at LA Fitness gyms and shopping malls across the US, giving you a more detailed look at your fitness. Effectively, they're infrared photo booths. Step inside (and strip down to your skivvies) and you'll get a virtual representation that gives clues to basics like your body mass index as well as harder-to-pinpoint factors like your body fat composition and hip-to-waist ratio. If you're improving your physique, you'll have concrete proof of it.

The service is free if you just want basic scans after every workout. You only have to subscribe ($5 per month or $40 per year) if you want advanced data.

The technology will mainly appeal to dedicated gym rats, but mPort tells TechCrunch that the data could also be useful when shopping for well-fitted clothes, especially if you need something custom-tailored. It adds that the scans are particularly helpful for self-conscious newcomers -- you can get an analysis of your body in a private space, without the need for measurements from a trainer. The machines could get the ball rolling on regular gym exercise for people who'd otherwise be tempted to stay at home.