'League of Legends' is adding post-game replays

Relive the glory, over and over again.

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'League of Legends' is adding post-game replays

Nailing a sweet pentakill in League of Legends is even better when you have an easy-to-share video of it for bragging rights. But what if you don't want to resort to third-party tools to watch or create a clip? Well, according to developer Riot Games, you shouldn't have to wait much longer. Ahead of next season, Riot announced it's adding the highly-requested feature to the game, and replays from the current patch can be watched directly from the LoL client itself.

There's also a new Annotated Timeline that sounds like it'll highlight the best moments of a particular game, giving you easy access to scrub from one tower take down to the next dragon kill. You'll be able to make your own highlight reels as well. There isn't a definitive timeline for when this will roll out, but with season six ending next month and season seven starting near the end of January, sometime between then seems pretty likely.

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