Anonymously speak to a Trump supporter with 'Call a Deplorable'

Or try 'Call an Elitist' to connect with a Clinton voter.

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If this Presidential race has got you stuck in a political echo chamber on Facebook, then maybe you just need a safe space to ask someone how on Earth they could possibly hold different political views than yourself. That's the intention behind and, anyway -- an opposing pair of new sites that popped up in advance of tonight's third and final Presidential debate.

The premise is pretty straightforward: if you're With Her, you'll want to visit the former to call a Trump supporter. If you're hoping to Make America Great Again, then you can head over to Call An Elitist to speak with someone who has already made up their mind for Hillary. You have to enter your phone number, of course, but the sites connect you anonymously so you can still maintain some anonymity, should the other side turn out to have a frighteningly hostile opinion about their candidate. Keep in mind, however, that the matching process may take up to a few hours, depending on demand and how many of the opposite team's supporters are willing to talk at that moment.

The sites were created by former Facebook product manager Alexandre Roche and although Roche admitted to TechCrunch that he thinks Trump is unreasonable, the goal is to start real-life conversations and acknowledge that the other side exists, rather than just shouting into the social media void. "I thought connecting people and letting them have some empathy would be good for both sides," Roche explained. On the other hand, if the sites get overrun with trolls, there's a chance Roche could pull the plug. Either way, here's hoping it does reintroduce at least a modicum of civility into our civic process before November.

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