Windows 10 Insiders can use Ink to draw on photos

They can even send their work as a short video.

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Windows 10 Insiders can use Ink to draw on photos

Microsoft is developing some cool new features for the Windows Ink Workspace, and Insiders are getting the first look. Insiders in the Fast ring who install the latest Windows 10 Preview for PC and Mobile will be able to doodle and write on their photos with Ink. They simply have to tap the Draw option while viewing a picture in the Photos app to bring up Workspace's toolbar. There they can choose from the pen, the pencil and all the new calligraphy pen tools.

Microsoft has also combined Ink's protractor and compass into a single tool called Stencil, so people can draw arcs and circles quickly and easily. Even better, Ink saves not just the final product, but also the drawing process, so they can share their masterpieces with friends either as a photo or a short video.

Besides Ink's new abilities, the latest Windows 10 Preview also comes with a beefed up Camera app. It has a better photo timer and capture button, more accessible camera roll placement and zoom slider and a more prominent front- and rear-facing camera switch icon. PC users can also tap on the space bar to capture pictures. Microsoft tossed in more features and a slew of bug fixes with the preview version, as well, which it listed in detail on the Windows blog.

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