Simple Habit guided meditation app is now on Android and the web

If you need to find some peace of mind, give this app a shot.

If you're desperately in need to de-stress this morning (I can't imagine why) and you're an Android user, there's a new app out there worth checking out. Simple Habit started out as an iOS meditation and mindfulness app with a Netflix-style model -- after signing up for a weekly or monthly subscription, you get access to a huge library of guided meditation exercises. Now, that app is available on Android as well as the web.

We checked Simple Habit out earlier this year when it launched and found it to be one of the better apps out there in a crowded marketplace of mindfulness tools. There's a set of things you can try for free, and if you sign up for a subscription you'll get access to the full library. There are hundreds of different topics so you can focus on your specific needs -- from broader things ilke sharper focus and stress reduction to more niche things you might be dealing with like breakups or calm before a job interview.

Simple Habit has changed its pricing structure a few times, but currently the subscription options are $11.99 per month or $8.99 per month if you sign up for a full year. You can also get a lifetime subscription for the rather high cost of $399. Fortunately, there are plenty of free sessions you can try before signing up for a subscription.