CamSoda launches a store for 'digital blowjobs'

BlowCast will work with Kiiroo's teledildonics hardware.

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Illustration by D. Thomas Magee

Porn website CamSoda is launching BlowCast, a service that it's calling the "iTunes of Blowjobs," Apple's lawyers be damned. It's a system whereby adult performers can record themselves performing oral acts upon smart dildos. That footage, combined with the sensor data, is then sold to customers looking for a different sexual experience. Rather than developing its own hardware, CamSoda will leverage the gear produced by Dutch teledildonics startup Kiiroo.

Put simply, an adult model will record themselves going to town on the Kiiroo Pearl, the company's smart vibrator. The video of the scene will be synchronized with the data pulled from the sensors that cover the Pearl's surface. The resulting package will then be sold online to a purchaser, whereby it'll run in tandem with the Kiiroo Onyx, an interactive masturbator sleeve. So whatever happens on the screen, you'll theoretically feel in real-time.

BlowCast's platform is, essentially, a latter-day update on RealTouch Interactive, a company that offered a similar business model. It developed its own teledildonic equipment and data system that synched movement to hardware stimulation. Unfortunately, patent litigation killed the company, and the high costs of hardware development have stymied other entrants into the market.

It's certainly an interesting concept, and one that may prove to be successful in the long term, although it wont be an easy ride. For a start, Kiiroo may be the only teledildonic equipment that's even close to the mainstream, but that doesn't mean it's particularly enjoyable. Your humble narrator has tried the technology and found that its ability to stimulate a user is underwhelming, at best.

BlowCast will launch with 50 movies in its catalog, with plans to add more over time as well as branching out into other sex acts. Before you can say "I'd buy that for a dollar," the company is offering the content free for the first 30 days of its life, after which point each movie will set you back a buck. Oh, and you get a long, post-coital rumination on how technology is doing away with all forms of human labor, including sex, for free!