AT&T's DirecTV Now service will be unveiled on November 28th

We'll finally see how AT&T will approach streaming TV.

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John Sciulli/Getty Images for AT&T/DIRECTV
John Sciulli/Getty Images for AT&T/DIRECTV

It seems like DirecTV Now has been in the works forever. Announced back in March as a competitor to Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, it's an online streaming TV service that'll offer 100 channels for just $35 a month. After months of teasing details, AT&T just sent out invites for an event in New York City on November 28th, where we'll finally get the full skinny about the service. It's still unclear when, exactly, DirecTV Now will launch, but we'll be on the ground at the event to learn more.

What's most interesting about DirecTV Now is its aggressive pricing and channel offering. PlayStation Vue starts at $30 a month with around 45 channels, while Sling TV starts at $20 with even fewer networks. Both services let you add more channels for additional fees, but at that point the benefits of cancelling cable start to seem moot.

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