6 Most Useful Android Apps For Successful Betting

Shekhar Mishra
S. Mishra|11.25.16

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Shekhar Mishra
November 25th, 2016
6 Most Useful Android Apps For Successful Betting

Useful Apps For Successful Betting
Betting is not an easy thing to do. You have to be at your intuitive best before making any decision. Not only intuition but your knowledge about the situation in real time, your decision-making ability, and calculation speed also determines whether you will succeed or fail in your betting game. To make things easy, many developers have come up with interesting Android apps which provide you expert view in real time, calculation methods and betting tips you can rely upon. Let's take a look at six best Android apps to make you a successful bettor.

6 Most Useful App To Place A Successful Bet

1. Bet Comments - Pro Bet Tips

They are best bet advisors you can find to get expert tips for winning bets. From analyzing the match condition, and reading stats to predicting the result based on previous encounters, they take everything into consideration. You can rely on this app's tips for most of the time. They have also divided tips into three risk categories - low, medium and high.

2. Bet Calculator

One of the best options to calculate your winnings. It is easy to use betting odds calculator supporting a variety of choices including each way, accumulator perms, and bookmaker bonuses. For accurate and fast calculation of winnings, you can rely on this fantastic app.

3. BetGuru - Game you can Bet on

A virtual game based on real events, You can bet on real matches with real odds, the only difference is that it's for fun. You won't earn or lose anything. Fantastic place to learn betting skills. Even top Betting directory Bonuscorner also recommends Betguru to polish your betting skill.

4. Bet Predictor

For every football fan, this is a must have app if you are about to bet on the next match. Every prediction from this app is a result of a statistical algorithmic analysis using a database with more than 150000 football games results. It is the simplest prediction app you can have.

5. BetRates

Betfair is a popular platform to place any bet in real time. BetRates provides straightforward and easy to use service to check Betfair prices and market data in real time. You can follow the odds on Betfair markets while your favorite sporting events unfold.

6. Bet Data - Betting Tips

We loved the interactive design and easy to use functionalities of this app. Get suggestions from Betting Experts about each soccer match played between teams of various leagues. TIPSTERS POLL color bar shows percentages for Win-Draw-Loss of every game.

Bottom Line

You should gather as much information as possible before making any bet in sports matches. These Android apps certainly help in determining winning bets.

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