'Deus Ex Go' is now ready for your puzzle creations

The Puzzle Maker Update has arrived on Android and iOS.

If you've ever wanted to create puzzles for mobile games rather than playing whatever the developer gives you, you're about to have a field day. Square Enix has released a promised Puzzle Maker update for Deus Ex Go that lets you craft your own challenges on Android and iOS. As the studio told us back in June, this isn't considered a throwaway feature -- the aim is to have a genuinely practical, easy-to-use level editor that you'd want to try on your phone. You can share your work with the community, as well, so this could extend the life of the game even if you hardly touch the creative tools yourself.

The update includes a few other welcome tweaks, too. You now have an undo feature to rewind your move, and a profile page that lets you earn rewards as you gain experience points. There's also a daily challenge if you've run out of levels to play. The main gripe, assuming you like Deus Ex Go in the first place, is that this puzzle editing isn't coming to Hitman Go or Lara Croft Go. Like it or not, you'll have to pay for the newer game (and accept its sci-fi trappings) to express yourself.