Pros and cons: Our quick verdict on the NES Classic Edition

We'd say buy one, except it's sold out everywhere.

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The NES Classic is an easy sell: It's a $60 device that looks and feels like the original Nintendo Entertainment System, with a library of 30 popular games pre-loaded. It's also easy to set up -- all you need is spare HDMI and USB ports on your TV. The problem? The device is such a great proposition that it's either sold out everywhere, or only available through resellers for five times the price. We're not sure we recommend spending $300 on this, especially given a few flaws like the too-short controller cables and the fact that you can't download any additional games. But if you do resort to desperate measures to get one this holiday season, we won't judge.

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  • Looks and feels just like the original NES
  • Great selection of games with something for everyone
  • Can be powered by your TV's USB port
  • Excellent NES emulation


  • Short controller cables
  • No way to buy new games
  • Won't support your original accessories
  • It's already out of stock everywhere
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