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Kickstarter lets you crowdfund from your Android device

Throw money at your favorite creators from one more platform.

Kickstarter released its Android app today, which is probably great news for crowdfunding creators but terrifying news for your wallet. The app focuses on helping you discover new projects, and it features Kickstarter's activity feed, which shows updates from your favorite crowdfunders and the projects your friends are interested in. The app is free and available for download (alongside the iOS version) right here.

"The most hardcore Android fans will appreciate that our designers and engineers followed Google's material design guidelines when building the app, so it looks and feels really nice, too," Kickstarter writes. "This is just version 1.0, so stay tuned for more features -- like tools allowing creators to manage their projects."

While you're funding away on Android, keep in mind that Kickstarter is not risk-free. The company recently commissioned a journalist to investigate the Zano drone campaign, a Kickstarter that raised more than £2,000,000, and ended up crashing and burning. On the other hand, successful campaigns such as the one for award-winning role-playing game Undertale present a more optimistic crowdfunding outcome.

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