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Microsoft Band 2 gets better battery life with new GPS mode

The company continues to improve its latest wearable.

Despite its flaws, the Microsoft Band 2 is an improvement from Redmond's first attempt at wearables. With an update, the version 2.0 is getting a fix for one of our biggest gripes with the device: battery life. Thanks to a new GPS Power Saver mode, you can extend your tracking time by up to four hours, according to Microsoft. The option tells the wearable to nab your GPS location in intervals rather than monitoring your movements continuously. Power Saver mode is ideal for activities like running and bike riding, and the Microsoft Health app will still map your course on both mobile and the web.

Speaking of the Health app, it's getting a new feature, too. With a weight-tracking tool, you can keep tabs on how much you've lost and get an approximate BMI reading. After entering your weight on a regular basis, you can view your progress in charts for 1-month, 3-month and overall timelines. Both the Microsoft Band 2 update and the weight-charting feature in the Health app are rolling out now.

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