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Image credit: Joseph Delgado

'Grand Theft Auto' in VR might be too real

Developers might need to change up their storylines for VR games.
Joseph Delgado

Virtual reality is getting closer to being an intricate part of gaming. Now we just need to wait for the titles. Modder Joseph Delgado decided that instead of being patient he would add VR support to Grand Theft Auto V. Using the Razer Hydra he was able to add gesture controls the the game and result is that he felt guilty taking out the digital citizens of Los Santos.

"I feel horrible about making this. You actually feel guilty. My mouth dropped the first time I shot someone in my GTA: V VR setup," he posted about playing the game and posting the sequence above. While his reaction isn't proof that we'll be kinder, gentler protagonists in video games, it does make you wonder if titles ported from traditional controllers to VR will makes us all feel at least a little bad about going on digital rampages.

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