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Someone turned 'Fallout: New Vegas' into an interactive video

It's Choose Your Own Adventure in post-apocalyptic Nevada.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
04.18.16 in AV

If you have a soft spot for Choose Your Own Adventure stories but wish they were set in your favorite video game universes... well, you'd better clear your schedule. Many A True Nerd has turned Bethesda's Fallout: New Vegas into an interactive video (a Choose Your Own Apocalypse, as it's called) that you play solely through YouTube. As you might imagine, it boils down the action role-playing game's experience into simple this-or-that choices -- the route you take and the people you befriend determine whether or not you'll make it to New Vegas in one piece.

The catch? Since this depends on YouTube's web link overlays, you'll likely need to play on your PC instead of your mobile devices. So long as that isn't an obstacle, though, this is one heck of a way to relive New Vegas without worrying about stats or SPECIAL perks.

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