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Creepy co-op game 'Push Me Pull You' comes to PS4 on May 3rd

It's Greco-Roman wrestling meets capture the flag meets 'Human Centipede'.

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Australian indie game developer House House announced on Monday that its highly anticipated (and cringe-inducing) sports game, Push Me Pull You, is finally being released for the PlayStation 4 on May 3rd. The game pits two pairs of opposing players in a weird, soccer-ish game where each team is joined at the waist. No, literally, each team operates both ends of a single torso or, as House House describes it, "you and your partner must use a shared body to wrap, writhe, and wrestle the ball into your half of the court." Here, this new gameplay trailer might help explain.

Push Me Pull You was originally announced way back in 2014. However, after two additional years of development, it is finally being released at the start of next month. PlayStation 4 will be the first platform to get it, though Windows, Mac and Linux versions are reportedly also in the works.

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