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Amazon FreeTime Unlimited adds content for tweens

More games, apps, and books too keep kids locked in as they grow up.

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Amazon FreeTime Unlimited launched back in 2012 as a monthly subscription service for kid-friendly content. Today, they're adding 3,000 items to FreeTime's library, bringing the total to 13,000 books, apps and games.

The service's initial chunk of content was appropriate for children aged 3-8, but this additional block brings multimedia for 9-to-12-year-olds, including shows like Legend of Korra and iCarly as well as books like Harry Potter. There's also a slew of new games, crucially stripped of in-app purchases so kids won't run up a huge appstore bill, which had resulted in lawsuits for Google and Apple.

FreeTime's content filters are also getting a boost with Smart Filters, that let parents set parameters for what content each kid can access. The service's proprietary web browser won't be receiving any updates, but still allows 40,000 hand-picked websites and YouTube videos appropriate for kids to enjoy.

The added content is more of the same multimedia blend expanded to reach slightly older kids, but that's a good thing. Amazon has worked hard to build a content library parents trust, which could be jeopardized by more mature or challenging stuff.

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