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ASUS' me-too VR headset sure looks fancy

It has leather straps.

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Engadget Chinese

Well, look at what we have here. Tucked away in the corner of ASUS' Computex event is what looks like a VR headset, and a particularly fancy one, at that. The goggles part of it is a shiny silvery metal and its straps seem to be made out of leather. After digging around, we found out that it's meant to be used in much the same way as the Gear VR, except you'd use it with an ASUS' ZenFone instead (naturally). As with the Gear VR, you'd use the touchpad and buttons on the side for navigation. There's not much else we know about it, but we're guessing we'll learn more about it later this year. At IFA, perhaps?

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