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Dato Duo is a simplified synthesizer for kids of all ages

Don't worry, adults can play it, too.
Billy Steele
06.08.16 in AV

Simple synthesizers are great for kids who are interested in music, and a pair of Dutch designers have built another instrument that does just that. The Dato Duo is two-panel synth features an 8-step sequencer on one side with the sound controls and effects on the other. It seems a bit odd at first, but the idea is to have one person control each to enhance the collaborative efforts. There's also no wrong way to use the device, so even the youngest noise makers can get started with ease. And it doesn't hurt that the Duo sounds pretty good either.

In terms of tweaking the sound, the Duo has two oscillators, a simple envelope generator, filter and two additional effects. For the older kids (read: adults), there's MIDI in/out as well as sync in/out which means you can use the gadget alongside a Korg Volca, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators, Boss guitar effects pedals and more. The Dato Duo will set you back €299 (around $334), unless you're quick enough to cash in on the early bird discount. If you do decide to commit funds, the instrument isn't expected to ship until April of next year.

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