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The next 'South Park' game will launch on December 6th

'The Fractured But Whole' (yup) casts the 'South Park' kids as superheroes.
Nathan Ingraham
06.13.16 in AV

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone just jumped up on stage to share more details about the next game based on their long-standing cartoon. South Park: The Fractured But Whole was announced last year, but today we're seeing a lot of footage from the game, and we also got a release date: it'll be out on December 6th.

In the game, you join a host of the South Park characters, and you're all playing as super heroes. As such, there's a whole bunch of ridiculous combat to be had, including time-ripping farts. You can customize your character from a dozen different classes and mix and match between them. So even though the main South Park characters are treating you like crap since you're the "new kid," you'll be able to make that new kid your very own.

For those who order the game, Ubisoft will throw in a copy of the previous South Park game (The Stick of Truth) on your platform of choice. A full trailer of the game was shown at the event and we'll add it to this post as soon as it's live on YouTube.

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