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BBC to put major new drama series on iPlayer before it airs on TV

The Living And The Dead "box-set" will appear online two weeks before the first episode on TV.
Matt Brian, @m4tt
06.15.16 in Internet

While the BBC is increasingly choosing to air new programmes on iPlayer before they appear on TV, the broadcaster has typically restricted output to low-risk shows and specials. However, with its new supernatural drama, The Living And The Dead, the Beeb has decided it's time to change that mindset -- it'll debut all six episodes this Friday (June 17th), two weeks before they start being broadcast on TV.

The show, created by Life on Mars duo Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham, will become the first primetime BBC drama to delay traditional broadcasts in favour of a "binge-watch" model utilised by Netflix and Amazon. Earlier this month, New Blood became the first drama series to make select episodes available online first, but Peter Kay's Car Share was the earliest BBC programme to premiere exclusively on iPlayer.

Speaking at a press screening on Tuesday evening, Controller of BBC One Charlotte Moore said: "Part of my mission at the BBC is to grow iPlayer into the future, and I will be exploring more premieres like this. But it's fantastic to be doing this with The Living And The Dead."

It shows that the BBC is working hard to change iPlayer from the catch-up service it once was into a portal capable of rivaling other streaming giants. The Living And The Dead "box-set" will be available online from June 17th, with weekly episodes appearing on BBC One at 9pm from June 28th.

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