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SoundCloud serves up new music based on your listening habits

Recommendations are becoming a core feature for every music streaming service.
Billy Steele
06.22.16 in Services

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Nearly every music streaming service has a feature that gives you new music to listen to based on audio habit. Spotify has Discover Weekly, Pandora compiles a custom station and Apple Music is making recommendations a big part of its redesign for iOS 10. SoundCloud is looking to offer a similar tool with its new Suggested Tracks section. The company says the picks come from its "state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm" that keeps tabs on your likes and plays on the web and through the mobile apps. While SoundCloud doesn't specify how often the list is updated ("frequently"), it did explain that there's a good chance the some of the new music won't be found on any other service.

As is usually the case with algorithms, the more you use SoundCloud, the more the recommendation engine learns about your habits. In theory, this means the picks should continue to improve over time. If you want to give the new feature a shot, it's available through the new "Discover" tab on the web or by hitting the search magnifying glass inside the Android and iOS apps. The company warns that if you're new to the app or haven't used it that much, your list might be blank. Don't worry, just get to listening so the app has a frame of reference before making its selections.

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