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Samsung Cloud safeguards your phone's data

You'll get 15GB of online storage for free.

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The star of Samsung's Unpacked show might be the Galaxy Note 7, but one of its biggest surprises is something you can't really touch: its long, long rumored cloud storage service. The tech giant is launching Samsung Cloud, an online storage option that's focused on safeguarding your phone's data. Much like iCloud, you can use it for both backing up and restoring your phone's data -- helpful when you're replacing a phone and don't want to spend hours recreating your settings.

Unlike iCloud, though, Samsung is being fairly liberal with space: at least with a Galaxy Note 7, you'll get 15GB of storage for free (par for the course among cloud rivals like Dropbox and Google Drive). We don't have details of any paid options at this point, but it won't be surprising if Samsung offers paid tiers that give you more breathing room.

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