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Recommended Reading: How Netflix is changing storytelling

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Billy Steele
08.13.16 in Internet

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Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Netflix and the
future of entertainment

Ben Bajarin,

Since Stranger Things debuted on Netflix, I've seen a number of articles and heard a few podcasts discuss the merits of an 8-episode season over the usual 13. When you think about shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, there can be some filler that helps meet the quota. In this piece, Ben Bajarin takes a look at how Netflix and the concept of binge watching is changing how writers and directors tell stories. Bajarin makes the case that the future of entertainment is in fact storytelling as a service through things like original content and posting an entire season at once.

Apple Music's Bozoma Saint John: It's about passion, not algorithms
Mark Sullivan, Fast Company

Apple Music's head of global consumer marketing offers a glimpse at what makes the service unique and why human curators are better than algorithms.

This 'Daily Beast' Grindr stunt is sleazy, dangerous, and wildly unethical
Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

In case you missed it, a reporter from The Daily Beast used Grindr to lure gay Olympic athletes in Brazil for no real purpose and then outed many of them in the article. The piece has since been pulled, but Slate offers some perspective as to why this was so insane and its potential to ruin lives.

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