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Image credit: Reuters/Baz Ratner

Tesla ex-partner finds someone else to help with self-driving tech

Mobileye is partnering with Delphi on an autonomous driving system for any car.

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Reuters/Baz Ratner

Now that Tesla has kicked Mobileye's image recognition tech to the curb, what is its former partner going to do? Run into someone else's arms, of course. Mobileye has revealed that it's teaming up with Delphi on a self-driving platform that automakers could quickly integrate into their own cars. It'll use Mobileye's image recognition and sensor processing, while Delphi will supply the autonomous driving algorithms and a controller for camera, lidar and radar. The two will also work together on "sensor fusion" tech as well as a "driving policy" that's better at understanding the quirks of human drivers.

You should get a first glimpse of what Mobileye and Delphi are doing in January (at CES 2017), although a production-ready system won't be complete until 2019. It may take longer for companies to use it, too. Even so, this could be key to the future of self-driving vehicles. Not every firm has the money or expertise needed to develop their own driverless hardware, like Tesla or Apple. This gives even a modest car brand a chance at making a fully autonomous vehicle, and increases the chances that these hands-off vehicles will become the norm on the streets.

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