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Sleep Number starts shipping its cheaper sleep-tracking mattress

The company will ship it directly to your home for free.

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You've probably seen the television ads about the couples that sleep on the same bed but require different levels of mattress firmness. Sleep Number is company behind those TV spots and the dual zone mattress. Today it announced it'll start shipping its smart It Bed that was announced at CES on September 19.

The new offering ships rolled up in a box like Casper mattresses. But after throwing it on your box spring and waiting 15mins, it'll start quantifying your evenings. Like the rest of the Sleep Number lineup, it has two zones that can be adjusted to a person's comfort level using air-filled chambers, can track your sleep habits and connects to Fit Bit, MapMyRun, Withings and the Nest Learning Thermostat.

The It Bed is cheaper than the rest of the Sleep Number beds with a twin mattress costing $800. The queen size will set you back $1,100 and a king hitting $1,500. Shipping is free and Sleep Number offers a 30-night return policy.

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