The bottom line: Our quick verdict on Apple's AirPods

You should probably sit this generation out.

Engadget, @engadget
09.19.16 in AV

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    The fact that they look like Q-tips sticking out of your ears is just the beginning: There are other reasons you might want to think twice about buying Apple's wireless, weird-looking AirPods. For the money -- $159 -- these earbuds offer audio quality that isn't any better than what you'd get with the iPhone's pack-in EarPods. We'd also like it if Apple allowed more flexibility with the controls. Right now, for instance, you need to use Siri or take out your phone if you want to do basic things like change tracks or adjust the volume. On the plus side, the earbuds are dead-simple to set up, and work well for voice calls and Siri requests, even if they're nothing special for music playback. Unless you're an early adopter, you're better off waiting for Apple to release a next-gen version and/or drop the price.

    Engadget Score

    • Dead-simple to set up
    • Siri and calls work very well
    • Solid battery life
    • Controls aren't flexible enough
    • Mediocre audio quality
    • EarPods-inspired design isn't for everyone


    With Apple kissing the standard headphone jack goodbye, it's hoping people will buy these completely wireless earbuds instead. They're elegant in some ways, with a simple pairing process and good voice-call quality. It's too bad that Apple otherwise fell short in the sound department, and that you're forced to talk to Siri to get just about everything done. Still, while this first attempt missed the mark, the concept has plenty of potential.

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