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Facebook Messenger calls look like regular calls on iOS 10

Facebook Messenger has harnessed Apple's Callkit to drive another nail in the coffin of your mobile network.

It won't be long before mobile networks become just another dumb pipe through which services are handed down from internet companies. Don't believe us? Then receive a call via the updated Facebook Messenger on iOS 10 and notice that they behave exactly the same as one made over the cellular network. The only difference between the two is that the VoIP call will be labeled as such in tiny text below the caller's name.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the app now harnesses a new feature that Apple included in iOS 10: Callkit. The offering enables third-parties to make their communications behave like standard phone behaviors. We've already seen this available to Android users, back in the days when Google merged Hangouts and SMS on Android.

Should other providers take advantage of Callkit, it's likely that people will gradually get used to VoIP calls behaving the same as their cellular equivalents. That, at least, will make it much easier for firms like Apple, Google and Facebook to gently elbow-out mobile networks' own products.

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