GAME FNATIC S1:E6 | And Then There Were Three

The 'Game Fnatic' finale crowns a new 'League of Legends' pro

Watch the final five episodes of 'Game Fnatic' to see which player is good enough to join one of the world's top eSports teams.


    And then there was one. The final five episodes of Engadget's behind-the-scenes video series, Game Fnatic, follow four League of Legends players as they vie for a single spot on one of the world's leading eSports organizations. The second half of Game Fnatic kicks off with an elimination, followed by a dramatic day of go-kart racing and even more League of Legends skill challenges, until just two candidates compete head-to-head in a tense two-part finale.

    The first five episodes introduced the challengers, four semi-pro and amateur players with the in-game talent to go pro. But after a series of tests, it's clear only one of them has the stamina and demeanor that Fnatic demands. Playing professional League of Legends takes more than dexterity and focus; it also means you have to play well with others -- literally.

    Catch up on Game Fnatic and watch the brand new episodes (including the finale and its surprise twist ending) right here.

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