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Lenovo is bringing Chrome OS to its Yoga Book next year

There's no word on an exact launch date just yet though.

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Lenovo already debuted Android and Windows versions of its Yoga Book and it's planning to add a Chrome OS option next year. Laptop Magazine reports that the third version of the hybrid gadget that ditched a traditional keyboard in favor of a touch surface for both typing and scribbling was confirmed during an interview with Lenovo vice president Jeff Meredith. Meredith oversees Android and Chrome devices for the company.

Meredith explained that Lenovo has had "a lot of interest" in a Chrome OS version of the Yoga Book. He went on to say that the device could be a solid option for schools due to its rather unique design. And yes, the Chrome model will still support the Yoga Book's so-called Real Pen stylus. With that accessory, you can write on the pressure sensitive keyboard surface.

There's no exact timing for a release date, but Meredith did say Lenovo plans to "maintain the three distinctive products throughout this year at least." Perhaps that means we'll see that new model soon enough.

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