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Homestar Runner is back with a few laughs before 2016 ends

‘A lurid tale of underwater intrigue and underwater pants.’

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The internet felt like a kinder, simpler place during Homestar Runner's heyday. As if to combat all the bad vibes 2016 has given the world, we have a new video featuring Homestar and shirtless luchadore Strong Bad reading a children's book about a sports competition. Predictably, it's incredibly charming. Without giving too much away, there are some solid Mr. Mister and Night Ranger references, as well as a gag about the obsolescence of Adobe Flash.

Maybe best of all, your enjoyment won't depend on how good you are at ignoring the fact that Strongbad can type legible emails while wearing boxing gloves.

There have been a handful of new clips from the Homestar Runner crew over the past couple of years, but output hasn't been as regular as fans would hope. Maybe that can change in 2017.

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