Google Calendar helps with fitness goals by logging workouts

It now takes in workout data from Google Fit and Apple Health.

With its Goals function, Google's Calendar finds you space to squeeze in some exercise, but like a lazy coach, it doesn't follow up to see if you did it. Now, it'll take in data from either Google Fit and Apple Health, automatically mark an exercise session as "done" and, depending on your success, suggest different times.

For example, if you set a goal as "run three times a week," it'll first find you a time to do that, then record and log it into the Calendar once the tracker app marks it as complete. Later on, you can use the visual performance tracker to see if you're meeting your goals, as shown below. What's more, the app will automatically find better workout times if you're missing the suggested times. If you set a goal to run at 6:30 AM, for instance, but don't actually start until 45 minutes later, Goals will suggest a 7:15 AM start time in the future.

To find holes in your schedule, the app assumes that you plan your life to a "T" on a calendar. Most folks are probably more relaxed about it, so having it adjust to your schedule on the fly makes a lot of sense. Ideally, if companies like Google can make fitness app setups a lot less time consuming, then more of us might actually use them. If you're interested, the new features should be going live soon.