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iHeartRadio's on-demand streaming is now live for all

The radio giant's Spotify competitor is finally ready for prime time.

iHeartRadio's on-demand streaming is now live for all
Andrew Dalton
Andrew Dalton|@dolftown|January 5, 2017 4:29 PM

Last month, iHeartRadio's entry to on-demand music streaming finally went live as a beta service on mobile. Today, that service is officially out of beta testing and available for everyone on mobile, desktop and certain compatible devices.

Although iHeartRadio is a little late to the on-demand streaming music party, they've brought along Napster's music library to power the $9.99-per-month iHeartRadio All Access service. The All Access tier offers the ability to save tracks for offline listening and build out a proper music library. There's also a $4.99-per-month iHeartRadio Plus plan that works more like Pandora, with unlimited skips, and allows users to save songs from the radio, instantly replay radio tracks and jump to any song in the library, although you don't get the same library management features as with All Access.

The system also ties into local radio stations so you can keep up with top checks and playlists curated by radio personalities you already know. So, if you're having a hard time breaking your terrestrial radio habit, iHeartRadio's options are enticing, especially if you're not already plunking down ten bucks a month for a similar service. If you'd like to try it out, iHeartRadio is offering a 30-day trial of both access levels.

iHeartRadio's on-demand streaming is now live for all