Smart stove knobs help you prevent a house fire

Inirv React not only remote-controls your cooking, but warns you of smoke and gas.

Updated ·1 min read

You can already buy connected ranges that offer remote control and prevent kitchen disasters. But what about your existing range -- are you really going to replace it just for some extra convenience and peace of mind? You might not have to. Inirv is crowdfunding the React, a smart stove knob system that upgrades most any electric or gas stove. You can control individual burners through your phone, of course, but the real star of the show is a sensor that sits on your ceiling. If it detects gas, smoke or prolonged inactivity, it automatically shuts off active burners. You shouldn't have to worry about sparking a house fire just because you forgot to switch the stove off before you left for the movies.

The knobs are battery-based and will need recharging, but you won't always need to pull out your phone for advanced functions. You can tap the knob to set inactivity timers, with light cues letting you know how much time is left.

This isn't a trivial purchase. You're looking at a pledge of at least $199 (typically $239) to get a standard kit with four knobs and a sensor. Also, you'll have to wait until December to get yours if you aren't eager enough to spend $999 and become a beta tester. Consider this, though: most standard ranges cost several hundred dollars or more, and the connected kind is more expensive than that. So long as you aren't looking for more sophisticated control (such as for the oven underneath), this promises to be a bargain.

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