Uber can start trips based on your calendar

You don't have to remember addresses to get moving.

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Uber can start trips based on your calendar

If you're a frequent Uber passenger, you probably don't pick all your destinations on the spot -- you sometimes have a scheduled meet-up in mind. Why do you have to dig up the address for that appointment when you already have it in your calendar? You might not have to after today. Uber is rolling out a Calendar Shortcuts feature that (surprise) lets you start a trip based on an upcoming calendar entry instead of your home, work or ride history. So long as that important business meeting has an address, you won't have to memorize it when you're hailing a car.

The feature is already starting to reach iOS devices worldwide. If you're an Android user, however, you'll have to sit tight -- Uber says calendar integration is "coming soon" to Google's platform. That's not completely surprising given the differences in calendar software, but it still means that you might have to punch in your destination the old fashioned way for a while.

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