5 Most Amazing Gadgets To Make Your Home Smart

Shekhar Mishra
S. Mishra|01.16.17

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Shekhar Mishra
January 16th, 2017
5 Most Amazing Gadgets To Make Your Home Smart

From smartphones to 'smart homes,' technology has encapsulated almost every aspect of one's life. Today, there are thousands of products available in the market, which are changing the way we live. Automatic thermostats, smart light bulbs, motion recognizing televisions, smartphone-controlled windows, technologically is evolving at a faster rate than ever and so is our lifestyle.

Some independent, others integrated to perform with existing commonly used devices. Here are the best gadgets available in the market that will make your home smart and life easier.


ITBED is a smart bed equipped with sensors that record and analyze movements, heart rate, breathing and more as you sleep. This data is then analyzed using the SleepIQ app, which in turn provides valuable personalized insights such as best sleep time, bed firmness, information about sleep patterns, etc. Even the firmness of the bed itself can be adjusted with the app that can easily be installed on smartphones and tablets.

Stack Smart LED Bulbs

But these smart LED bulbs are designed to automatically turn on/off by detecting the presence of a person in the room and use electronic sensors for these features. Each bulb is equipped with a smart sensor that reacts instantly the moment anyone enters or leaves the room. No more forgetting to turn the lights off as you exit the house with these installed.

Samsung Family HUB Refrigerator

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is perhaps the most innovative of its kind out there in the market. It is equipped with three cameras that automatically capture images and email them to defined recipients the moment its door is opened. It also has a touchscreen which lets you type in and leave messages/notes for family members, watch TV, play your favorite music and do a whole lot more.

IHOME ISP5 Smart Plug

This smart plug can be controlled using a smartphone from anywhere. Using this, one can schedule to turn the plug off or on and even do so instantly. A simple yet very effective solution that not only adds convenience but also helps save energy which is often lost as a result of forgetfulness.


Ecobee3 is a smart thermostat that allows even temperature control across all rooms. The thermostat comes with wireless sensors that are placed in different places and record temperatures independently. Once a certain specified temperature is reached, these sensors send a signal to the thermostat, which then disrupts/allows flow of heat or cold to ensure that the right temperature is maintained across all rooms at all times.

Bottom Line

When I launched my website Electrician Training Hub a few years ago, I had no idea that a day will come when these smart gadgets will replace traditional ones so soon. The best part of the whole scenario is that you don't have to be a technical expert or need to take training (From mine or any other institute) to operate these smart devices. Technology has changed the way we live, and we should be thankful enough to the genius minds behind these 'smart' inventions.

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