NVIDIA's original Shield TV gets the new model's smarts (updated)

Android 7.0 Nougat, Amazon Video and more.

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NVIDIA unveiled a new Shield TV box at CES, but the list of upgrades was pretty slim. It has a funky new controller, with a mesh of triangles peppering the grips, but otherwise it's the same hardware with some extra software bells and whistles. If you have the older model, good news -- today, you're getting all those non-hardware additions too. They include a new foundation -- Android 7.0 Nougat -- and a bunch of new apps including Amazon Video, Twitter, the NFL, Comedy Central and Vimeo.

If you're more interested in the gaming side, there's also a new NVIDIA Games app, which supersedes the old SHIELD Hub portal. There you'll find access to GeForce NOW titles, which can be streamed with the performance of a GTX 1080 graphics card, and your local 'GameStream' library with 4K and newly added HDR support. While not the most popular set-top box -- NVIDIA's cachet stops with the PC gaming crowd -- it's a competent and versatile bit of kit for people who prioritize games over TV.

Update: Change of plan. NVIDIA has clarified that the update will be rolling out "in the next week or so."

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