Google's 'really blue' Pixel and Pixel XL come to the UK

Act fast before they're all gone.


When Google announced the Pixel and Pixel XL, it showed off three colors: silver, black and "really blue." Only two of those made it to the UK, however, with the third and whackiest option remaining a US exclusive. Well, not anymore. The blue Pixel is available for pre-order today through EE and Carphone Warehouse "until stocks last." Yeah, it's being described as a "limited edition," so like the regular Pixel we're not expecting much in the way of stock. It's available in both the 5-inch X and 5.5-inch XL varieties, although you're stuck with 32GB of storage (no 128GB option, boo.) Google says the phone will come to stores on February 24th, so even if you miss the pre-order blast, there's still a chance of picking one up.

Google has had tremendous problems building and shipping its flagship phone. Glance at the company's online store and you'll notice that most, if not all configurations are still listed as "out of stock." That's a shame, because it's a stellar phone that Android enthusiasts are clearly clamouring for. At launch, Google tried to sell the idea that now, with the Nexus name on the back burner, it was getting serious about hardware. There would be marketing. Carrier deals. But the big push has floundered on Google's inability to manufacture handsets. Here's hoping it can rectify that soon.