Amazon's next video original is a smash British TV series

Season two of 'Fortitude' comes to Prime Video in the US this year.

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Sky Vision

Netflix isn't the only streaming service that can snap up a popular British TV show. Amazon has revealed that season two of Fortitude, Sky's well-received Arctic thriller, will be one of its original series. It'll be available on BBC Two in the UK, but you'll need to head to Prime Video to watch in the US. The story revolves around its namesake community, where parasites and pathogens run rampant -- suffice it to say that a sheriff's disappearance and a dead body are just the start of the town's troubles. Dennis Quaid and Game of Thrones' Richard Dormer are the most recognizable stars.

Amazon hasn't offered a launch date, but does say Fortitude's new season will be available later in 2017. That gap will give you an opportunity to catch up, though, as the first season is already on Prime Video. It's hard to say if American audiences will be as receptive to this as they have been to Netflix's Black Mirror, but Fortitude is considered Sky's most successful original series to date -- the odds are in its favor.

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