Huawei's fancy Porsche Design watch is rather ordinary

It's built for the Chinese one-percenters, but very similar to the Watch 2.

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Mat Smith, Engadget
Mat Smith, Engadget

Huawei's Watch 2 is getting a limited edition version, courtesy of Porsche Design. While we've already strapped on the company's basic Android Wear device, the VIP version was behind glass in a corner of one of several Huawei booths here at MWC. (This company takes Mobile World Congress very seriously.) While there's no price, Huawei's last collaboration with Porsche Design on its Mate 9 smartphone resulted in a limited-run phone that cost four times the price of the muggle version. (The standard Huawei Watch 2 will hit retail for roughly $350, so multiply that a few times.) However much it does eventually cost, you'll get a thick leather strap with red stitching, as well as a specially engraved ceramic chronograph bezel. Other than that, it looks a lot like the original Watch 2, albeit made for Asia's gui zu (one-percenters). If Apple can do it, why not Huawei?

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