A new 'Steven Universe' RPG is headed to consoles

'Save the Light' is a follow-up to the mobile RPG 'Attack the Light.'

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Grumpyface Studios
Grumpyface Studios

Grab your cheeseburger backpack and a wad of Cookie Cat ice cream sandwiches, because Steven Universe is headed to home consoles. Grumpyface Studios, the team behind Attack the Light -- a surprisingly decent mobile RPG -- is back with another game featuring the heroic Crystal Gems. Details are scarce, but we know Save the Light will feature the same addictive blend of real-time and turn-based combat (if you've played Paper Mario, you know what to expect). The team says the new project "was just too big a concept for mobile," with more exploration and puzzle-solving than before, hence the switch to more powerful hardware.

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Steven Universe, if you're not familiar, is a Cartoon Network show about -- you guessed it -- Steven and his adventures in Beach City. It's a gorgeous series that frequently pulls on the old heartstrings, exploring important themes about family, self-worth and relationships. Oh, and the tunes are pretty catchy too. Like Attack the Light, Grumpyface Studios is working on the story for Save the Light with series creator Rebecca Sugar. It's an original tale that serves "as an entry point for players unfamiliar with Steven Universe," while also building out the lore for long-time fans.

Cartoon Network says the game will be coming out this summer. A full list of platforms is yet to be disclosed, but Sony has already said it's coming to PlayStation 4. We should hear a lot more at PAX East this weekend.

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