Browse Airbnb's vacation add-ons from your desktop

Guided 'Experiences' are now available outside of the mobile app.

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When Airbnb launched "Experiences" and "Immersions" last year, the company made it clear it was expanding beyond spare room rentals and into more general travel planning. Until now, however, users could only browse and search for those side trips through Airbnb's official mobile apps. Over the past few weeks, Airbnb has been steadily adding new trips in even more cities around the world, and starting today Experiences are now available on the desktop and mobile web so you can daydream about your next vacation or business trip from the comfort of your work computer.

In total, Airbnb says they have over 800 active Experiences like surfing off the grid in Dana Point, Fascinators and afternoon tea in London or following Hemingway's footsteps in Havana. Experiences now span more than 73 different countries, with 91% of them receiving five-star ratings. If you're looking for something to do on your next vacation, Airbnb says Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles are their top destinations for Experiences but LA, London and San Francisco are leading the pack for the most new Experiences being submitted to the platform. On the other hand, it might be a little difficult finding an actual place to stay in San Francisco, now that the site has started complying with local regulations and booting many illegal hosts from its service.

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