Google doubles down on the news part of its 'News & Weather' app

'More headlines' are coming to the app's home screen.

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Folks looking for a quick look at day's forecast and stories have always been able to turn to Google's News and Weather app for an overview -- but apparently, it didn't offer enough. According to Google News' Anand Paka, users routinely hit the bottom of the app's home page wanting more. So they're getting more. Today Google announced that more than 200 news stories will be added to the bottom of the daily summary as a new, plainly named section: More Headlines.

It's exactly what it sounds like -- after users pan past the normal cards featuring weather and the days biggest news, the app will load extra content from the business, entertainment, sports and tech sectors. The list grows larger the longer the user scrolls, and promises fast-loading, high quality content sourced from Google News' ranking system. The feature is rolling out to all devices over the next few days. That should keep the news junkies satisfied.

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