Fight as Spidey or Hulk in Marvel's free-to-play console RPG

"Marvel Heroes Omega" arrives on Xbox One and PS4 this spring.

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Marvel Heroes 2016, the free-to-play role-playing and MMO hybrid is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One consoles as Marvel Heroes Omega this spring, developer Gazillion revealed. As with the PC version, it'll let you play as Spider-Man, Captain America, the Hulk and 38 other heroes, or the entire Avengers or Defenders teams. It features a nine-chapter story campaign that'll see you defending Manhattan and taking on Doctor Doom, Loki and other super villains.

In a Q&A, the developer said it has "no plans" to let you bring characters or progress from the PC version, and console users won't be able to play with PC players. The game will launch in a closed beta "scheduled to begin soon" on PS4, with the Xbox One beta coming later on. There's also an early access program on Playstation 4 that's set to begin around the end of the closed beta.

Marvel hasn't yet said when Marvel Heroes Omega will launch widely, but it did reveal one piece of good news: The console version will be free-to-play. As with the PC version, however, there's an in-game currency if you want to spend (real) money on new costumes, skins and other content.

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